Fibre Optic

Fibre optic Internet is a form of Internet where information is transmitted from place to place by sending pulses of light through an optical fibre. While this technology is not yet available in all areas, it is commonly used by numerous companies, corporations and households for its higher speeds and reliability compared to other forms of Internet. Equipment for fibre optic Internet is available through various means, be it on the Internet or through a local provider.

RK Cabling uses the Yamasaki Y70 Fusion Splicer.
The Yamasaki Y70 with its core alignment technology ensures high speed and low power loss with a typical loss of 0.02 db for single mode and 0.01db for multimode. With 10 programs the Yamasaki Y70 allows us to work on a range of different fibre types enabling us to offer our services in many different industrial and commercial situations.